Sunday, December 20, 2009

Married couples and sex outside marriage

by Dawn from Bristol

Something that always keeps my husband, Jack, very interested and excited is exchanging tales of my dates with a man he works with. This man is named Kyle and he also has a dating wife. I wrote about what Kyle told my husband after Kyle's wife, Toni, had her first extra-marital experience with another man. At the time I was very bothered that my husband would even tell anyone about me, much less share spicy details. What if Kyle told others? Then it sort of excited me that somebody knew about me.

I came to realize that swapping tales with Kyle was important for my husband's enjoyment of my trysts. More than once, when I haven't been on a date for a while, my husband has mentioned that he needs some new "material" to share with Kyle.

I then understand that I need to do my best to provide the "material" soon or Kyle may get bored. Kyle is sharing stories with my husband. He needs hot stories in return.

Like most sharing couples, my husband and I use my tales about my experiences to spark our lovemaking. We have even used a few of the tales that Kyle has told my husband to spice up our lovemaking. Most recently, my husband told me once again what Kyle said happened right after the first, unexpected date.

My husband gets hard without any help when he tells me about what went through Kyle's mind that night. I will relate it to you from Kyle's perspective:

"When I realized that my wife had just hung up after getting what she assumed was my permission to fuck that guy, I couldn't believe it. I dialed her cell phone but it was obviously turned off.

That angered me. I wanted to call her. I wanted to tell her to get her ass home before I came and beat the shit out of both of them. Then I remembered that she was using his cell phone. I looked at the caller ID to get the number. It just said 'out of area.'

She had cut off communications so I couldn't intervene! I slammed things around and talked to myself – shouted actually. I called her every name in the book. I was filled with rage at my helplessness.

I took two stiff drinks. Finally, sitting before the television, I rubbed my cock through my pants and thought about what she was probably doing. Next, I got my cock out. It was dripping pre-cum. I stroked myself and soon released into my handkerchief.

How could I do that? How could I jerk off when I knew that, at that very moment, my own wife was probably fucking another man?

I sat there, sort of sick to my stomach. I was taking in everything, all at once. I realized that nothing would ever be the same between Toni and me, never, ever again. She would always have this experience, this infidelity. I wanted to throw something but instead, I started stroking myself again.

Pretty soon, I was imagining what they were doing, almost like being a voyeur. I realized that I was sickened by Toni's brazenness on the phone. How dare she think she could just call and have me agree that she could go and fuck some guy!

Bitch! Whore! Slut!

But I was also fascinated by the whole thing. I was sexually excited. That made me a little sick, too, I remember. I wondered if there was something wrong with me.

Here I was, sitting there getting some enjoyment, some pleasure, out of my wife's outrageous conduct. I couldn't believe it. I felt weak. My cock was still hard as a rock. I stroked it.

What was this combination of feelings? Outrage, curiosity, love, hate, anxiety, uncertainty: all those emotions and more flooded through me. And then there was pure, physical longing. I could not wait for Toni to return so I could satisfy these conflicting longings.

Finally, I looked at the clock and realized that it had been over two hours since Toni broke off the phone conversation. It hit me! I realized that this man had fucked her by now. Otherwise, she would have called or returned home.

She had betrayed our marriage vows. Oh yes, she would say that because I did not insist that she not do it, I had agreed that she should do it.

I cried, I actually cried. As I was crying, I hoped she would not come home and see me that way. Then I hope she would! Then I changed my mind. I didn't want her to come home till I could look less worried and concerned.

But I wanted her home in the worst way. I wondered what she was thinking at that moment?

Had she thought of me at all? Would she have any concept of the horrible hell this was for me? This was pure pain.

I went into the bathroom and washed my face and hands. My hands had been sticky with cum that I had not wiped off onto my handkerchief. I went back into the living room and settled in front of the TV. I wanted to appear casual and not panicky when she got home.

Another hour passed. Damn! Was she going to fuck him all night?

Just then, I heard the car. The garage door opened. Then I heard it close. I heard the kitchen door open and shut and her heels on the tile floor. I turned and she came into the family room.

She had a sheepish look on her face. I soon knew that she was a little drunk. It had never occurred to me that she would be driving after drinking too much. I had been so worried about her fucking that guy that I had forgotten that she could get hurt in a traffic accident. She is not able to handle more than a few drinks.

Maybe the drinks caused her to let down her defenses. Maybe the fucking was not really her fault.

She came toward me, slowly, searching my face for a sign of what I might do. I stood up and she fell into my arms. We embraced and swayed back and forth, just holding each other tight. She seemed small and vulnerable. She smelled of sex.

We kissed and I tasted the drink and the sure smell of another man's cum on her breath. I couldn't believe that I was not repulsed by that smell. Instead, I was eager to taste it again. She pulled back and smiled up at me. She seemed to know that I had tasted him. She sensed that I liked it, that I wanted it.

She leaned her head back and then rested her cheek on my shoulder.

'Thank you,' she whispered.

'Did you have a good time?'

'Yes, I did. Thank you for letting me.'

She looked up into my eyes. She was tipsy but in control enough that I knew she was searching my face to see how I was reacting. I tried to keep my cool. I thought how absurd it was that my wife had just spent hours in bed with another man and yet, here she was, thinking she could just come in and everything would be perfect.

No, I thought, it can never go back to the way it was, not ever again. She had now cuckolded me.

She studied my face: 'You didn't worry, did you?'

'Hell, yes, I worried! What do you think?'

'You didn't have to,' she said. 'See? I'm OK. I'm here with you now, like always. I love you so much. I love you for trusting me and letting me try this. I promise that everything will be even better between us. It will be better than before.'

'You think, so? I wonder,' I said.

'Oh, don't wonder. It was just sex. It was fun but not like with you.'

'You enjoyed it, right? What did you do? Did you do things with him that you don't do with me?'

She looked at me and her eyes cleared a little. She started to say something but then stopped. Then she spoke: 'I suppose you'll be asking next if he's bigger than you. Well, no, he's about the same. There is a difference between you, though. You use your equipment better. But I still enjoyed him, a new man. Can you understand how exciting that is for a woman?'

'I guess so.'

'It was less about sex, you know,' she said. 'It was good for my ego to have him want me. He wanted ME! That's something I haven't had for a long time. Oh, sure, you want me. But you're supposed to. You're my husband. Can you understand? This had nothing to do with unhappiness with you.'

'I guess I understand.'

Her eyes flashed with that devilishness I have come to recognize over the years.

'Come on,' she said. She grabbed my arm and started pulling me toward the stairs.

'Let's finish this in bed. I'll tell you everything you want to know. I want to. I want to share it with you. We did this together, really. You were really there, every moment, in my mind. I want you so bad now!'

Her comment about doing it together hit me wrong, all wrong. No, I wanted to say, we did NOT do this together. You did it for yourself and now you want to make me think we did it together? But I didn't say anything.

Strangely, I was excited. I wanted to hear the details so that I COULD try to experience being there, almost there anyway.

We went upstairs. I knew this would be an excruciating night, learning how she had given her body to another man. I felt threatened. But I also felt aroused as never before. Toni had noticed my cock was stiff. She had smiled when she saw it tenting my pants. I couldn't wait to hear the details of her date.

Somehow, I also knew that this was just the start for her, and for me. My wife was no longer going to give herself only to me. This was the beginning. I was so excited that I nearly came as she lifted her skirt to show me her swollen pussy lips.

Then, my mood changed. Jealously roared through me. Then, just as quickly, I knew that I was experiencing the most intense feelings a man can have.

I was experiencing the most tender pain. I wanted more.

Tender pain: First time cuckold

Jack from Bristol

My friend at work told me this:

'My wife stayed late at work one night several weeks ago and then went to dinner with a co-worker. After a few drinks and munchies, he suggested that he'd rather have her for dinner than anything else.

She showed him her wedding ring and told him that she couldn't do it.

He asked if she wanted to have sex with him.

She said maybe she did but couldn't because she did not want to be unfaithful to me.

He dropped the topic for a while and they ordered dinner. As they finished their meals he asked if she wanted to be his dessert.

She told him that she was flattered but said again that she couldn't be unfaithful.

He said that if I knew what they were doing and gave permission, then it wouldn't be unfaithful. Many husbands like the idea of their wife having sex with another man, he said.

She laughed at his idea and asked how to accomplish that.

He said to call me and ask my permission.

She laughed again and after he kept insisting, she took his cell phone and called me.

I answered and asked when she would be home. I should probably mention that she had called me before leaving the office to tell me that she was going to get a bite to eat with a male co-worker before coming home.

She said that I wouldn't believe why she was calling. Her co-worker wanted to have my permission for her to be his dessert. She told me that she knew it was dumb and that she had told him she couldn't be unfaithful to me but that he kept insisting that she call me and ask. She said that he figured that if I gave my permission, then there would be no question of being unfaithful.

I thought about that a second or two and couldn't really work it through my mind because I was so startled by the whole conversation. I asked her what she wanted to do?

She asked what I meant?

I asked whether she wanted to have sex with this guy.

There was a pause and I heard her breathing or blowing softly into the phone.

Then I heard her say 'I guess so.' There was a long silence before she spoke again: 'I mean, if it's all right with you.' Then after another pause she said, 'But you do know that I love you, I really love just you'.

Another long pause followed. Then in a low, almost muffled voice she said 'I mean, we've sort of talked about it. Maybe this is the opportunity to try it and see what we think.'

I was stunned. Here was my wife calling from some restaurant to tell me that she wanted to go to bed with another man.

She was right: We had talked about it and visited this site but it was not something I really thought that I wanted. Now she was telling me that she wanted it.

I was still having trouble working it through in my mind and I heard her ask if I was still on the line.

"Yes," I whispered.

She said that she was sorry if I was hurt or anything and asked what I wanted to do.

I remember telling her that I guessed that it wasn't so much what I wanted but what she was telling me that she wanted.

There was a long pause. I waited for her to say something, anything. She was silent except for the breathing sound. Then I figured that she might do it anyway, without my permission.

'I guess it's whatever you want to do,' I whispered. 'You are there and I am here. So it's what you what, isn't it?, I asked.

She asked, 'Are you sure?'

I said 'yeah'.

She breathed into the phone and finally I heard her say, 'Well, OK honey, I'll be safe and careful. Don't worry. I'll be home in a few hours then.'

I told her I loved her.

'I love only you, darling,' she said softly. 'This will just be a little fun, a little sex, nothing more.' Then she told me she loved me for allowing her such freedom and that she really appreciated the trust I had in her.

She concluded by saying 'Nothing between us will change, I promise you, honey. It will just get better, OK?'

I said 'OK' and listened as she hung up.

Four hours later she was home. She was a little drunk and clearly well fucked. She told me right away that she had never dreamed what would happen at dinner and never expected to have me give my permission. She said she expected me to put an end to it right off.

I could see that she was sort of making it my fault. I asked if she was glad that she went through with it.

She said that she was so long as I was not upset or hurt. She also said that she was glad I had given permission because she enjoyed the night.

That was obvious, I told her.

She asked if I was jealous and said not to be. She assured me that I am a better lover than he is but that it was still exciting to be with another man. She said it was good for her ego to know that he found her attractive.

She volunteered to tell me everything, step-by-step, as she could remember. Wow! That took the rest of the night. We had some really hot sex many times during the night and both called in sick the next morning.

'I feel strange to admit it,' my friend said, 'but I really did get enjoyment out of knowing that she was out with another man and was having sex with him. I confessed to her that I was proud that she was attractive to another man.'

She has continued to see him, with my encouragement. Our sex life together has improved markedly so I really should not complain,' he said.

I still get a jealous feeling sometimes but that jealously is really the most tender pain any man can feel.

Thinking of my husband

Molly from Mobile

I kissed my "friend for the evening" one last time, a lingering wet kiss, my fingers playing with the hair on the back of his neck. Then, I got in my car and started the engine as he stood beside the car and waved a smiling goodbye. He mouthed a "thank you" and I did the same. Off I drove. In the rear-view mirror I saw him walking for his car and I grabbed my mobile phone from my purse to call my husband. I was breathing slowly and evenly now.

He answered as I was getting ready to turn out of the hotel parking lot. I told him I was just starting for home. Yes, I assured him, I had a good time. Then I told him I loved him and wanted him so badly. I said that I was just getting warmed up and needed his cock in me. He said he was ready for me.

As I drove, I felt the sexual tension that comes with anticipation. I had just had so many orgasms that I could not begin to count them. One was a huge, crashing orgasm. It took my breath away and I could barely move afterward. Most were small and rippling, one after the other. Should that count as one long one or several smaller orgasms?

I thought about the questions my husband would ask. I try to answer everything as accurately and honestly as possible. After all, he is letting me have another man so I should give him the pleasure and excitement of hearing about it, of sharing it.

I was getting more and more excited to have my husband's cock in my pussy or mouth -- or many in my other hole! It would be a different kind of sex, less about lust and more about loving, more about tenderness, more about caring.

I had come to realize that in a sense, my sex with another man was really sort of like foreplay for my sex when I returned to my husband.

My tiredness was gone. I was keyed up. As I parked the car and entered our house, I felt a familiar feeling come over me: Excitement. There was a little shortness of breath and my heart was racing. My husband came toward me and we embraced and kissed deeply.

Just a few minutes ago another man's tongue had been in my mouth and I had responded with desire. Now my husband's tongue was pushing into my mouth and I went weak and wanted to please him and have him enjoy me.

"The kids are sound asleep," he said.

I was glad. I wanted to see them but I wanted him more. He said he could smell the sex on me and had tasted my lover's cum in my mouth. That excited him, as it always seems to.

He took my hand and we headed upstairs. As we did, he said that he wanted to inspect me closely to see if I had any marks or dried cum. I was almost panting with raw desire as we reached the bedroom!

"I thought about you all the time tonight," he said. "I guess you were busy having so much fun that you never thought of me at all."

"I thought of you many times," I protested. "Especially at the most important times."

"What? You'll have to tell me about those important times," he said.

"And then I want to give you the best orgasm of the night," he laughed.

I started to say that he had already given me several but I just said "Hmmmmm!"

Then I took off my blouse. I had stuffed my bra into my purse back at the hotel. Slowly, he rubbed my nipples and caressed my breasts as he kissed me. Soon I dropped to my knees in front of him.

The foreplay had been great. But the foreplay was over.

How we started

by Terri (Colorado)

Like many of you men who visit here, my husband had the fantasy to share me. I first thought that his fantasy was crazy or abnormal. Then I read the literature and realized how common it is. I also came to understand that it is a compliment to his feelings about how desirable I am.

So after 15 years of marriage and three children, I agreed to give him his wish for his birthday. We started planning about 100 days before his birthday. He was so reassuring when I suggested that I no longer had my figure. He purchased some sexy outfits for me and I wore them when we went out of town. I experience again the pleasure of being noticed by other men! I loved the glances, the quick eye contact. I loved it when they looked at my cleavage without a care that I was looking at their eyes. I loved the feeling of their eyes on my legs.

My husband encouraged me and bought me sexy underwear and lingerie. I began to toss out my plain old underpants and bras. I liked going out, even to church, knowing that I was wearing such provocative undies.

It took more time to settle on a man for me. My husband suggested that I pick one of our friends. A couple have paid me attention, even more attention since I started wearing shorter skirts and revealing blouses, but I could not cheat on their wives, who are also my friends. I also rejected the idea that I should find someone at work. I didn't want to have any trouble at work, but some of the men at work are pretty tempting. So we looked on the web and corresponded with 3 men. We talked with 2 on the phone and met with the one that I liked because he was recently widowed. I guess I am the mothering type.

We drove to his area, about 45 minutes from our house, and met for coffee at the local Holiday Inn. We had exchanged pictures. I liked him right away. He was shy and nervous. I was a nervous wreck. My husband was the least nervous. We had agreed that the first meeting would be just to talk and get to know each other. After a little over an hour, however, my husband said that he was going to the motel desk to see if they had rooms left so he could get one for our new friend and me. I was startled and protested. I caught a hurt look on our new friend's face and realized that I was going to have sex with this man, it was just a matter of when. My mind raced.

What was I wearing underneath my little black dress? I had no need to worry – I had a matching black bra and thong and black stay up hose. I was as ready as I would ever be.

So I just said "OK" and watched my husband smile and leave. While he was gone, Eric moved over beside me and pretty soon had his fingers between my pussy lips but not in me. My husband returned to see his hand there, under my pushed up dress. He saw that I had opened my legs to allow access. He smiled that knowing and happy smile. He said that because Eric's hands were busy, he would give me the key.

He said that he would be leaving now because he wanted to think about what we were doing and then hear me tell about it later. He said he would go to a nearby bar and come back in 4 hours. He then asked Eric to let us talk alone for a minute and Eric got up, put his hand (wet and sticky, I am sure!) in his pocket and went to the lobby. My husband told me to have my cell phone ready to call him if there was a problem and told me that he had a second key. He would use it only if I had trouble and called. We told each other how much we loved each other and I told him I was only willing to do this because he wanted it and needed me to do it for him. I was trembling and I felt tears. My husband said that we had better part quickly before we couldn't. He was right. I kissed him and let go of his arm and he turned around and went out the door to the parking lot.

I stood for a long minute or 2 trying to catch my breath and regain my composure. Then I straightened my dress and hair and walked into the lobby to find my shy date for the evening. The next few hours were the beginning of my reawakening as a woman and as a sensual woman at that. Those few hours were the most wonderful of my life except for my honeymoon and the births of my children. I treasure them and the hours that have followed with Eric and other men. I gave my husband his birthday gift and he gave me an even greater gift. I am a liberated woman who now loves sex in all its forms.

I am glad I did not resist my husband's desire to share me.

Sex with other men is like foreplay for sex with my husband

Sex with other men is life foreplay for sex with my husband. Usually, when I return from another man, I am busy telling my husband what my date and I did, and making certain that my husband "gets off" while I attend to his physical needs as I fill his imagination with descriptions of my adventure. He loves to hear that. He has many questions that I answer as faithfully and fully as I can. Considering that I have been having sex with another man, perhaps faithfully is the wrong word. But perhaps because I have come to see my sex with another as foreplay for my lovemaking with my husband, it is appropriate. Somehow, I am not cheating if I share everything with my husband. Sometimes, in return, he shares with me what he was thinking about while I was away receiving my pleasure with another man.

We both know that he is technically a cuckold and I am probably what most of you would call a whore or slut. He does not consider himself a cuckold, and I do not either. I simply have sex - never lovemaking – with other men and tell him about it as a prelude to the most fantastic lovemaking with my husband. Period.

His desire to share me with other men has led to a deeper, warmer, more complete and contented marriage. I have brought little "secrets" that I have learned from other men to our marital bed and I delight in the gentle and subtle teasing that is part of all this.

I am not the woman I was before. Sometimes I wonder how he put up with me. I rarely initiated sex. I often found it getting in the way of chores or other things. I resisted sex when I felt the children might wonder what we were doing. Now, we have sex more often and both of us agree that it is better, deeper and more physical. It is more emotional.

The thing that I feel mostly since I started seeing others is a sense of freedom. I have the freedom to choose to be with a man and my husband accepts that desire. I admit that I get great devilish pleasure at heading off to meet a date while my husband stays home babysitting. That simple act of leaving him to domestic duties is a feast of exciting emotions. The role reversal is incredibly erotic.

by Molly from Mobile

A husband's thoughts

By JBC, Pennsylvania

Now that we are settled into this type marriage, I have experienced so many emotions as well as acts. I have identified the most exciting and pleasurable parts of it, as far as my feelings are concerned. I do admit that our marital sex is improved. It is not just the new positions and techniques that she has learned. She calls them "tricks" and readily shares them with me.

It begins when my wife tells me that she has made a date for some future time. For example, this afternoon she will be meeting a man who used to live here but moved away. They had a few dates before he was transferred. He is back with his family for Thanksgiving weekend and, as they did last year, he and my wife will pretend to go holiday shopping while actually meeting at a motel in the next town. My wife has even stored some packages in the trunk of her car to bring in when she returns! The kids will be curious and wonder about the gifts. That is the planning that foes into this.

I suspected that they might get together again this year and, the Friday before Thanksgiving, my wife told me that they had talked that afternoon and arranged the time and place. The fact that it is the same as last year makes it no less exciting. This man is not exceptional in size or skills except that he loves to lick and suck her anus, which she loves. She learned from him to accept anal sex and brought that home to become part of our lovemaking.

Those thoughts rushed through my mind when she told me. She said that she was glad that she would be over her period by then. I told her that I seemed to remember that they had been together on at least one occasion during her time of the month.

She remembered that occasion and commented that a man really desired a woman if he wanted her then. She smiled and kissed me. I think she was remembering the many times that I wanted her then. I told her I wanted her right then. She smiled and said it was not so bad now, almost over, and we went to the bedroom as the kids watched television and pretended to do homework. She said that she would reduced my swelling till we could find a more permanent cure later.

She quickly had my pants down and devoured my cock, her mouth so wet and her tongue everywhere. Before she started seeing other men, her blow jobs were routine and short, just enough to get me hard, mostly licks, not taking me into her mouth. Now she took me till her nose disappeared in my pubes. Her fingers massaged my ball sack and then one found my ass. Soon I was bucking. She never would have permitted that before! I sort of gasped and told her I would be coming soon if she continued and she seemed to suck me in harder. I came and my body shook and I tried to keep my voice down. She looked up at me and slowly slipped her head back, off my very sensitive cock.

She opened her mouth and showed me my own cum, there in a pool, mixed with her saliva, filling her mouth. She never did that before she started to date. I wondered for a flash of a second what her dates thought when she did that. I knew she did it for them. She told me. She said most wanted it because their wives or girlfriends would not do it. Therefore, she had soon decided that she must do it and properly or the men she was dating would have nothing special to remember her for.

She is good! I know that if I did not let her experience other men and their desires and needs, I would not get such complete sex. I sat on the bed and heard her say that she would be very horny when the kids were asleep. She left me to my thoughts. I started to get hard as I imagined our lovemaking in a few hours.

I was thinking that I was a lucky man and would enjoy her horniness in the week before her "shopping date." Her period would be an inconvenience, not a barrier, to the great and varied sex that we have as the excitement builds for her date."

Hints for shared wives

Once I got past the idea that my husband was a pervert or something because he wanted to share me, I agreed to give him his wish that I have sex with another man.

That was a wonderful first experience and I still treasure the memory of that evening and the sensitive, gentle and understanding man who guided me through my nervousness and fear. If he had not been so good for me then, I may never have wanted to try it again.

After that first time, I admit that I was anxious to try it again. I was a little fearful that my husband would have fulfilled his fantasy by my first adventure. Now that I had experienced a different man after all those years, I wanted more. So when my husband asked me about two weeks later if I wanted to try again, it was hard for me not to be too eager!

That was the beginning of my new life. I have had regular "special friends" since then. As time has past, it has become easier for me to spot men who might be interested in me and then I decide whether to flirt and see what happens!

I could not help but notice how hard my husband would get when I returned from being with a friend and started to tell him what naughty things I had been up to. That was really important to my husband, hearing everything.

Also important to him was helping me get ready for a date. He would buy me sexy things and want me to wear them. He would want to help me shave and would tell me how to fix my hair and what earrings and jewelry to choose. One night, he selected a red bra and white panties when I wanted to wear the matching white bra under my white blouse. I must have been short with him and told him to let me pick what I would wear because I saw the hurt look on his face and a sad look in his eyes.

I stopped right there and hugged him hard and tightly. I told him I loved him and asked whether he wanted me to wear another top because I knew the red would show through the white. He changed attitude immediately and agreed that I should change the top. So I got a dark blue top that worked with the black skirt and he was very pleased. To be honest, that was when I realized that what I wore on one of my dates was more important to my husband than it was to the man I was meeting.

Since then, I have let my husband pick, with my contribution being maybe some suggestions for possible combinations. This has worked out much better. He always asked me – yes, every time! – what my date thought of my outfit. So I always ask my date what he thinks and then remember to tell my husband. Every man has said something nice about my attire or has said that he wants to get me out of it as soon as possible. My husband loves either response!

That is another thing I learned. I tell my husband everything as I remember it. I have a girlfriend who is also shared and she makes up wild stuff to tell her husband. I do not embellish or try to make up things to please him. That way I get the facts straight as far as I remember them. The truth is erotic enough to make my husband very happy! It is also more believable than made up stuff.

Now that I have started having sex with other men, it is important to me that I get to keep having other men. Therefore, it is important to me to keep my husband happy and involved, as he is when he helps me decide what to wear. Trial and error has also let me find some other things that really get my husband going. I want to suggest them to other women and ask if you have found things that you could share with me that I can try with my husband.

First, one day I was running late at work and realized that I would not have time to stop and buy condoms before I needed to be home to get ready. I figured that the man would have some but it was a first date so, to be sure, I knew that I needed to bring my own protection. I always stress to men that I want to be on the safe side but a few do not come prepared. I did not want to take a chance.

I was reluctant to call my husband and ask him to pick up some condoms. But I did. I was tentative about asking and he said that he could sense my girlish shyness and that he was only too happy to help out. He asked if he could select the brand? I asked what he knew about them (we don't use them) and he said he thought the brand I was buying was adequate for World War II soldiers on leave but not for me. He reminded me that there are websites selling exotic condoms and he wanted to get something close to that type. I agreed and was just getting out of the shower when he came in, proud of his purchase. We shared a good, long kiss and he told me that he wanted a product appraisal when I got home!

My date that night did have his own but I asked him to try the ones my husband selected. We both liked them! My husband could not wait to hear about the condoms when I got home. Since then, I have also sometimes, if my date is willing, knotted up a condom and brought it home for my husband's inspection. He loves that and sometimes comments on the amount of cum inside. I tell him whether that was the man's first orgasm of the evening.

Another thing that an emergency helped me find was the time my car would not start and I needed to drive across town to a motel for an evening with a gentleman friend I was seeing at the time. I asked my husband if I could take his car but he needed it to run an errand. I said I would call my friend and see if he could pick me up. My husband said he didn't think it was a good idea to have me maybe seen being picked up or dropped off later. He volunteered to drive me to the motel. I wasn't sure that was a good idea but I was running late and agreed.

He was real quiet on the drive and when we got there, I could see that he was aroused. I saw my friend's car and looked for our signal. He would have the draperies closed but a magazine or newspaper propped up between the drapes and the window. I saw the paper and said, that's the room. I kissed my husband goodbye and told him I loved him. I said I would call when he should come get me. He had a sort of almost zombie-like look on his face and said OK. I got out and went to the door, looked back, knocked, and then looked back again when the door opened and my lover for the night stood smiling. I waited a few seconds, just smiling and saying hello, before I went in. I figured maybe my husband would get a look at my date.

When I telephoned to be picked up, my husband just burst out and told me how he had been so excited after seeing the room I would be in, and getting a glimpse of my date, that he could not wait for me and had jerked himself to satisfaction a few times. I loved hearing that!

I made sure my date left the room before I did. He really thought it was incredible that my husband would drive me to and from a motel to meet another man! I waited in the lounge for my husband. He was so hot that we stopped on the way home for a bit of fun!

Later, on other dates when he dropped me off, I realized that he might like to pick me up at the room. The first time he did, I waited and did not straighten the bed or room. When I heard the knock, I opened the door wide and watched him look over my shoulder at the bed, which was very messed up! His jaw dropped and he walked in, touched the sheets and looked in the bathroom at the towels. He checked the wastebasket. He saw two used condoms there. He was in heaven and we slammed the door shut and he took me right there, on the bed I had just shared with my date. It was one of our hottest sessions! We have repeated it many times.

These are things I have found that keep my husband's interest and involvement in my dating. I realize that it is my responsibility to serve my husband's emotional as well as physical needs in this lifestyle because he is really part of every date I have with another man. He started me on this path for needs of his own and now I have found my needs. I need to keep his needs always in my mind.

If anyone has additional things to try, I would like to know because my husband is very good about wanting to experience new things on every level he can. Me too!

by Bev from Upstate New York